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Animals, Gardens and Attractions

Miami-Dade County Zoological Park and Gardens – Zoo Miami – is proud to present a new monthly feature highlighting the many wonderful animals and plants found throughout our park.  With over 2,000 animals and more than 1,200 plants visible from our walkways, it may not be possible for the casual, or even the regular visitor, to see, admire and learn about them in depth.  With this series, we hope to provide you with fun facts regarding our animals’ behaviors, habitats, diets, enrichment, and other interesting tidbits.  Photos of the featured animal will enable you to see them in greater detail.

Our articles on Zoo Miami’s numerous plants, flowers and trees will also provide you with information as to their season, location throughout the zoo and offer tips on how to grow them at home – if feasible – to maintain them healthy, lush and looking beautiful year-round.