Immerse yourself in Central and South American sounds and colors at this wonderful new exhibit at Zoo Miami. Amazon & Beyond is comprised of 27-acres and features over 100 astonishing species, with a total of over 600 new animals. You and your family will embark in an amazing journey among giant river otters that can grow to be six-feet long; jaguars, the largest cats in the western hemisphere; harpy eagles with talons the size of grizzly bear claws; an anaconda, the mightiest snake on earth, and many other fascinating creatures of the tropics.  Amazon & Beyond is divided into three areas that surround the central Village Plaza: the Cloud Forest, Amazon Forest and Atlantic Forest

The Village Plaza: Gateway to Tropical America

Here is your entry into three of the most exciting, inspiring and rare eco-regions of the world.  As you start your journey, open your senses to the sights, sounds and rhythms of Central and South America.  Embrace the complexity and interdependence of life and behold all the wonders and experiences that await you.  Slowly enter into the Cloud Forest where mystery and surprises lay ahead. Let the power that is Amazonia flow through you.  Allow yourself to be moved by the majesty of the Pantanal and Atlantic Forest.

Cloud Forest

Tropical cloud forests are “islands in the sky”;  they are higher ground areas covered in moisture, mist and mystery.  With elevations of 1500 feet or more, these misty ecosystems are home to a number of species that are found nowhere else in the world. Smaller animals can be found in a variety of microhabitats and some larger ones may be heard long before they are seen. Howler monkeys, hummingbirds, snakes and jaguars are just some of the animals that you might encounter in our Amazon & Beyond Cloud Forest.

Amazonia: Amazon River and Flooded Forests

Every year, the Amazon Basin Rivers overflow their banks, creating the largest area of flooded forests on the planet.  The Amazon region is the largest continuous remaining rainforest ecosystem and the basin generates a fifth of the world’s freshwater. These rivers and flooded forests are home to some rather large animals, including the huge anaconda, giant river otters, harpy eagles and mighty Orinoco crocodiles. These and other dwellers of Amazon rivers and forests may be seen in this stunning new exhibit, as well as many species of fish, such as the pacu, which likes eating fruits that may fall from trees.

Atlantic Forest (or Mata Atlantica) and Pantanal

Two ecosystems with similar characteristics.  They are both just fractions of what they once were.  Mata Atlantica is made up of tropical and subtropical Atlantic coastal forests while the Pantanal is the world’s largest freshwater wetland. Mata Atlantica harbors rare species of animals and plants, with many of the amphibian (frogs and toads) species living no where else on Earth!  The astonishing giant anteater, the kinkajou and the giant river otter are some of the fascinating inhabitants of these imperiled habitats you will see in this Amazon & Beyond area.