Amazon Forest

The vastness of the Amazon is brought to you in many forms, including a variety of luscious tropical vegetation which provides nectar and fruit to animals as well as creates shelter for them.  Vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other exotic scents along the pathway and sounds of the tropical forest set a mood as you enter the animal habitats.

In the Amazon Forest area you will also find a vast gallery with large tanks which recreates the Amazon River during the dry and flooded stages.  Many species of fish and turtles inhabit the first tank representing the flooded stage and land dwellers are found in the dry stage second tank, demonstrating how the same habitat provides food and shelter to diverse animals at different times of the year.  This gallery also displays an electric eel and an exhilarating underwater viewing of the anaconda, the world’s largest snake, as well as the huge Orinoco crocodile!

Continuing your exploration through the Amazon Forest, you will be impressed at the sight of the most powerful bird of prey in the world spreading its wings in a huge free-flight enclosure: the Harpy Eagle.  Walking through provides an unforgettable experience of this pair of majestic birds swooping over our heads.


All endangered species need our help to tell their stories, and to give them a voice, our zoo created an amazing environment at Amazon Forest, where you and your family will have a wonderful experience enjoying the sounds and sights of the tropics.