Mata Atlantica

Atlantic Forest

In this portion of Amazon & Beyond you will be delighted seeing many unique fascinating animals, endemic to this imperiled region on the East coast of Brazil.  The Emperor tamarin, a small primate, is one of them.  You may see these playful animals graciously searching for food, just like they do in the wild, in crevices in their exhibit that includes plenty of trees, vines, tree logs and thick vegetation.
You will certainly enjoy also visiting our 8-foot-long giant anteater in its very natural looking home in the Amazon & Beyond Atlantic Forest.  This 65-pound forest dweller lives on a diet of 30,000 ants per day! It uses its elongated sticky tongue to dig out the tiny insects from ant mounds.

In the open pavilions present in this area you will have a really unique experience entering a limestone bat cave with more then 100 fruit bats flying over your heads.


As an additional treat, watch a pair of giant river otters splashing in their Amazon & Beyond spacious and beautiful home that will definitely make your day!
Visiting the new Amazon & Beyond exhibit will inspire and entertain you and your whole family, bringing everyone even closer to the fascinating tropical world!