Village Plaza

The Village Plaza

The Village Plaza is your entry point for the Amazon & Beyond exhibit. You and your family will find many fun features in this central area, such as the Children’s Fiesta Fountain at the water-play area.  Everyone is happy when children splash in this spacious fountain while parents watch and sip coffee in the nearby Fiesta Café.

Also present at the Village Plaza are three artfully designed themed carts.  Enjoy the cultural connections linking people and nature explored in a decorated cart displaying artifacts from various regions of Central and South America.  A second attractive cart emphasizes many of the natural products that tropical forests provide to all of us, and the importance of conserving the environment is highlighted in a third themed cart. 

This entry area also brings to you various artifacts and musical instruments along with engaging interactive activities.  

The Village Plaza branches out to the three culturally and ecologically distinct regions, the Cloud Forest, Amazon Forest and Atlantic Forest.  Each of these areas takes you to an unforgettable journey through the biological diversity of Central and South American tropics.