COMING SOON - Florida: Mission Everglades

From coastal mangrove marshes to vast grasslands, Zoo Miami’s Florida:  Mission Everglades exhibit will showcase some of our State’s most amazing and treasured natural wonders to the Zoo’s more than 810,000 yearly visitors.
Opening in 2014, Florida:  Mission Everglades will immerse visitors in native Florida ecosystems including the Everglades, pine rocklands and coastal habitats. Signature Florida species represented may include the Florida panther, flamingos, wood storks, bald eagle, herons, pelicans, black bear, crocodiles, alligators, bay and coastal fishes, and all five of Florida’s native venomous snakes.
Florida:  Mission Everglades will celebrate our State’s incredible diversity and the Zoo’s unique ability to deliver an unparalleled experience.  This exhibit will give us an opportunity to showcase our commitment to wildlife conservation and our belief that one of the greatest legacies we can leave future generations is the opportunity to experience nature as close to its original pristine state as possible.