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Hummingbird Word Search

Test your hummingbird knowledge by trying this “Hummingbird Word Search” based on these magnificent birds and their unique adaptations, like being able to fly backwards.
At Amazon and Beyond, there is an outdoor hummingbird aviary where these small birds zoom about…Be sure to visit them in the Cloud Forest region, while you are at the Zoo.
Download Hummingbird Word Search (PDF format)

Animal Riddles

See if you can solve all of these “Animal Riddles” – a “Who Am I?” activity based on the animals in Amazon and Beyond!  (An answer key is provided if you need help)…Make sure you come to Amazon & Beyond and see who all the animals are.
Download Animal Riddles (PDF format)

Jaguar Watch

Pretend you’re a zoo keeper during your next visit to the Zoo with this activity, “Jaguar Watch,” where you observe the jaguar here at the Zoo and its behavior.  If you are unable to visit the Zoo, use your observational skills on animals you see in your yard or at your local park.
Download Jaguar Watch (PDF format)