Democratic Republic of Congo - Okapi Conservation Project

Democratic Republic of Congo - 
Okapi Conservation Project

The shy and endangered okapi only exists in the forests of the Congo.  The Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) created the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in 1992 to help safeguard its native habitat in the Ituri Forest.  Zoo Miami has been involved with the OCP since its inception and donates annually to aid its efforts to ensure the okapiís long term survival.  The OCP works to not only protect this habitat but to enrich the lives of the surrounding communities.  Training and equipment is provided to the wildlife guards, habitat preserving agricultural practices are taught, infrastructure development such as school supplies, secure water sources and food production are invested in, and education is provided in areas such as sustainability and biodiversity conservation.  This investment not only helps the okapi but preserves the rich biodiversity of the Ituri Forest and improves the lives of those surrounding it on which its stewardship is dependent.