Thailand - Thai Hornbills

Thailand -  Thai Hornbills

Several endangered species of hornbills inhabit the forests of Thailand.  These magnificent birds are threatened by habitat destruction, hunting and illegal trade.  The Hornbill Nest Adoption Program is run by the Hornbill Research Foundation.  Contributions towards this project helps researchers investigate the biological and ecological aspects that these birds have in the forests such as seed dispersal.  The funds also go towards educating and involving the local communities in protecting these species.  Over 40 former poachers or illegal loggers have been employed to now act as protectors of these bird’s nests rather than try to sell the feathers and chicks in illegal markets.  There has been a 95% reduction in poaching of hornbills since the HRF’s campaign started in 1994.  Providing a financial incentive and greater appreciation for the local environment has had a dramatic impact on the populations of these imperiled species.  Zoo Miami contributed to the Hornbill Nest Adoption Program in 2010.