Africa Projects

Cheetah Conservation in South Africa

Zoo Miami  is partnered with the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Center in South Africa in ongoing efforts to develop better husbandry practices for this highly endangered cat in captivity while also supporting wild cheetah management and conservation programs throughout South Africa.  As part of the Wild Cheetah Project, Zoo Miami has funded the acquisition of special motion sensor cameras to help in a landmark cheetah census study and has also provided funding for the purchase of radio telemetry equipment to help track relocated problem cheetahs removed from private farms where they were thought to present a threat to livestock.  In addition, Zoo Miami funded the purchase of a 4X4 vehicle to support cheetah management at De Wildt as well as the money needed to print thousands of educational booklets on cheetahs distributed to school children throughout South Africa.  The stars of Zoo Miami's Cheetah Ambassador Program are two cheetahs named, Savannah and King George that were born at the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Center and continue to educate and inspire countless visitors each year. 

Surveys of Owl Species in Kenya

Project surveyed status population of two poorly studied owl species in central Kenya to detemine impact of human activity on their population.

Namibia Giraffe Project

Photo by Isabel Sanchez

Radio telemetry study to determine the movements of giraffes in arid habitats in Namibia, South Africa.

Sinai Wilderness

The Zoo Miami Conservation Fund has provided funding for a study of the poaching effects on the Nubian Ibex,  an endangered wild goat, and the creation of a long-term conservation plan.

The International Elephant Foundation and the Indianapolis Zoo

The Zoo Miami Conservation Fund has provided funding for artificial insemination research projects to improve conception rates for African elephants in American zoos.