Australasia Projects

Australasia Projects

Matschie's Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project

Native to northern New Guinea, Matschie's tree kangaroos are threatened by hunting and habitat loss. This project works in conjunction with the local landowners to obtain information about the ecology of the tree kangaroos and develop protected areas within their range. This is an SSP species which is on display at Zoo Miami.

Pesguet's Parrot Feather Project, Papua New Guinea

Zoo Miami spearheaded a program to collect Pesquet's Parrot feathers from captive birds and returned them to Papua New Guinea. The feathers were distributed to indigenous peoples to help stem the tide of hunting that was harming this species.  At the same time, the program contributed to preserving the diversity of the local culture.

Many-colored Fruit-Dove Conservation in Tonga,  Polynesia

Zoo Miami has provided funding to support field research and surveys of this rare Polynesian dove. In collaboration with Memphis Zoo, Honolulu Zoo and Disney's Animal Kingdom.