Teachers Resources

Teachers Resources

The Quetzal’s World Curriculum Activity Guide:

The Quetzal’s World Curriculum Activity Guide is a thematic, interdisciplinary unit focusing on the tropical rainforest and species represented at Zoo Miami.  It offers an opportunity to you to incorporate local lessons with current classroom activities that enhance students’ knowledge of relationships among plants, animals and people through such concepts as interdependence, adaptations and conservation in a fun and innovative manner. 

African Safari Guide:

The African Safari Guide, generously brought to you by Peacock Foundation, Inc., is a thematic, interdisciplinary teaching unit with background material on specific African animals found at Zoo Miami, objectives, vocabulary and step-by-step procedures for presenting the activities.  All activities address the Florida Sunshine State Standards.  

Bird and Dinosaur Classroom Activity Book:

This booklet will help you teach your students about the connection between birds and dinosaurs. It has activities designed for your students to discover the characteristics and diversity of birds and dinosaurs.  The Bird and Dinosaur Classroom Activity Book is based on our newest exhibit the American Bankers Family Aviary Wings of Asia at the Zoo. 

Zoo Adventures

Zoo Adventures, sponsored by BankAtlantic Foundation, are worksheets based on Zoo  Miami exhibits that help you and your students explore the Zoo on your own.  Each "adventure" is based on the grade level of your students.