Corporate Volunteer Program

Corporate Volunteer Program

Corporations play a special role by bringing groups of employee volunteers together, often for specific projects on either an ongoing, periodic, or one-time basis.  These projects not only provide an invaluable service to the Zoo, but also afford a wonderful opportunity for employees to spend quality time together outside the workplace.  If your company would like to become involved at Zoo Miami, we can tailor a program of activities that is just right for you and your employees.  There are an unlimited number of possibilities, but the sample programs which follow offer some ideas to get you going.


You can work with Zoo professionals to determine a specific activity that your corporation can make your own for example, a children's educational program or activity, the promotion and beautification of a particular animal exhibit, or providing guides for traveling exhibits with a schedule that fits your needs as well as those of the Zoo.

Hold a Corporate Zoo Day

Bring the whole gang together for a one-time Zoo Beautification day complete with a front entrance banner proclaiming (Your Corporation Name) Day at the Zoo! Enjoy a fun day of teamwork and camaraderie in a tranquil setting.

Link Your Corporate Donations to Your Community Service

If you are interested in making a corporation donation to Zoo Miami, you may want to consider linking your funds to your employees volunteer service donating a specific amount for every hour volunteered.

Join the Pride!

You can encourage your employees - both current and retired -  to join the "Pride" of Zoo Miami  The "Pride" is a membership organization of Zoo volunteers who undergo training and commit to serve a specific number of hours each month in a variety of capacities, according to their interests and abilities.  The "Pride" welcomes volunteers of all ages to join this dedicated group. We would be happy to provide you with literature to distribute to your employees.
For more information, please email or call our Volunteer Coordinator at 305-255-5551.