Our Pride

Our Pride

Our volunteers play a crucial role in the operation of Zoo Miami and the Zoological Society of Florida, and a number of them have been part of our family for many years. All of the time donated by these dedicated individuals is precious, but these particular volunteers have passed some milestone anniversaries that deserve special mention!

25 Years or More

Barbara Birmingham
Sara Ellenberg
Connie Froelich
Carole McGugan
Betty Robertson
Ronnie Scherer
Sandy Seidenman
Caroline Sterns
Rosemarie Twinam
Bev Wiesner
Margo Williams

20 - 24 Years

Chris Bernt
Linda Crutchfield
Helen Donaldson
Lucy Hill
Bruce Richmond
Mary Rose
Bev Rosenberg
Cheri Rosenberg

10 - 19 Year

Alvarez, Luis
Flo De Napoli
Ellen Anderson
Barbara Blank
Vicki Brown
Jan Burr
Lina Chiappone
Carole Cholasta
Diane Dickhut
Mila Dorotea
Holly Draluck
Dottie Erbel
Barbara Erickson
Ron Gilbert
Gloria Golightly
Bob Gould
Carol Green
Judy Hayes
Nancy Hembree
Barbara Hosford
Patty Jacobi
Karen Klores
Stella Koziatek
Tina La-O
Angie Lopez
Barbara Lutz
Ginny Marx
Diana McCoy
Carolyn McLeavey
Kathy Medford
Ron Medford
Don Moranz
Al Oreamuno
Kay Ostroski
Arlene Randall
Chris Rawls
Pat Richmond
Michael Robert
Myra Rosen
Stan Rosen
Ellen Rosenberg
Phyllis Rosenberg
Pauline Rosenblatt
Estelle Roth
Sima Siegel
Dot Thomas