Volunteering, a stress-free prescription


Life is stressful.

There are bills to pay, laundry to do, personal emergencies to handle, house to dust, meals to cook, doctors to visit, traffic to fight, and so on, and so on, and so on…ad infinitum! 

There is nothing positive about stress.  It causes wrinkles and it ages the individual.  It can be a major factor of exacerbating or creating health issues.  With this being the case, who needs or wants it?  No one can totally avoid stress, but there is a way to temporarily avoid it and, perhaps, can extend a life span while enjoying oneself at the same time.

What is this extraordinary medical breakthrough?  How much does it cost?  Where can it be found? 

It has been available at Zoo Miami for over 30 years.  It’s readily obtainable with a minimal initial cost.  It’s drug-free and one can take as many doses as needed on a daily basis.  However, be warned that this can become addictive!

This stress-releasing elixir is simply “volunteering” at Zoo Miami.  Currently, there are over 150 adults in the Zoological Society of Florida’s volunteer program who have taken advantage of this miracle wonder.  Daily, they arrive at the zoo with furrowed brows and tense muscles, and leave feeling carefree, lighthearted, and full of energy.

Volunteers also reap the benefit of knowing that they have given back to their community simply by giving of themselves.  Visitors, too, are the benefactors because volunteers have shared their time and knowledge with them.  Patrons leave the zoo as better informed individuals who hopefully have greater appreciation for the importance of animal and plant conservation.

The Zoological Society of Florida’s volunteer program offers a vast array of ways for a volunteer to share their skills and knowledge.  Throughout the zoo, volunteers can be found working with the public and behind-the-scenes.  They work in the Children’s Zoo, Dr. Wilde’s World, Wings of Asia Aviary, and the information booth.  Patrons can find them on walkways, helping the visitors as they pass by, or talking to them about specific animal exhibits.  Volunteers can be observed climbing trees and on the ground maintaining the zoo’s orchid, plant collection and landscaping.  Other volunteers are preparing bird and animal diets, working in both the ZSF and zoo administration building with clerical assistance, and doing walking and cart tours, just to name a few.

The requirements are minimal.

A volunteer must maintain at least 60 hours a year.  That averages out to a mere five hours a month!  One benefit includes free ZSF membership as long as the individual maintains the 60 hour minimum each year.  Volunteers enjoy other incentives including an extraordinary yearly appreciation dinner, award pins for different levels of earned hours, free annual behind-the-scenes tour, free bus trips to other zoos, as well as, a chance to meet and make new friends.

Getting started is easy.

Call the ZSF volunteer coordinator today at 305-255-5551, extension 127, to obtain your drug-free prescription for stress relief.  Volunteer with a caring group of individuals and you’ll feel physical and mental relief in a short amount of time.  You are needed and wanted.